Provincial CPPCC held forum

6 28 September, the provincial CPPCC held Twelfth "CPPCC forum, CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Biao attended the CPPCC Standing Committee, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Calligraphers Association vice chairman Su Shishu as a" studio book written Chinese words, do Chinese seminar ".

The creation and research of

Su Shishu has been engaged in calligraphy and seal cutting, have in-depth study on the Han Dynasty brick, stone, and ancient rubbings rubbings. Organizing, planning, editing and publishing the "ancient" Chinese Beitie law books "calligraphy art", the author of "China calligraphy art –" volume "Chinese complete book of Qin and Han Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties", the acclaimed. Won the Chinese Federation "DeYiShuangXin" 100 members of the title, "the outstanding expert and Taofen Award for publishing. He holds the post of honorary president of the Cultural Relics Publishing House of the State Administration of cultural heritage, the president of the Chinese calligraphy and painting collectors association, and the vice president of the China cultural relics protection foundation.

Su Shishu combined with the evolution and inheritance of Chinese characters, as well as a variety of phenomena in daily life, the starting problem with small incision, easy to explain to the Chinese characters is the gene of Chinese culture, is the carrier of Chinese culture, learn Chinese characters, written Chinese characters is related to the national pride and national self-confidence, national cohesion and cultural heritage of the event. He said in the lecture, along with the development of technology and popularity of mobile phone and Internet, people rely on Chinese characters writing degree, does not regulate the use of Chinese characters and "putting pen to forget the word" phenomenon more and more. To further strengthen the communication of information, increase the intensity of calligraphy teacher training, calligraphy education and people’s work and life, to better inspire the Chinese calligraphy aesthetic and heritage awareness. In particular, I hope that the majority of primary and secondary school students through the calligraphy into the classroom and other activities, good practice calligraphy, improve the basic skills of writing and calligraphy appreciation ability to better inherit the excellent Chinese culture. This person will also Shishu Su two primary school in our province donated two sets of modern calligraphy teaching equipment, support for the province to carry out the calligraphy teaching activities.

research group members of the CPPCC National Committee, Chen Jiwa Zhao Xuemin, Liang Guoyang, Zhao Changqing, Zhang Gaiqin, Xu Liming, Yan Gong, chairman of the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ren Qing Jia, Wang Xiaoqing, Luo Zhaoyang, Bao Yizhi, Ma Zhiwei, Zhang Shoucheng, Ji Renfeng attended. Wang Xiaoqing chair.

Ning in the provincial CPPCC Standing Committee, provincial CPPCC members, provincial of the democratic parties, the Provincial Federation of some cadres, Xining City, Haibei Prefecture, part of the CPPCC cadres, provincial CPPCC cadres to attend the lecture.


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