The gluttonous feast sunny cultural tourism fair city

Do not know from what time, careful Xining people gradually found that: in recent years, more and more people from other provinces, foreign and overseas travel to Xining; leisure time went to the central square for a walk, here the big stage people built almost every day there are wonderful performances; local professional art troupe cordial "road legend" tour sold in other provinces…… This is the creation of cultural tourism miracle, in recent years, the municipal Party committee, the municipal government, cultural tourism, to travel in Xingwen, the concept of cultural tourism integration.

Xining is a tourist city in the world ", with" China xiadou "reputation; at the same time, Xining also has the richly endowed by nature tourism resources and rich cultural heritage, as a new idea of the node in the city, Xining has for national, provincial and municipal cultural industry 128 million yuan of special funds to support 214 enterprises to carry out special cultural tourism cultural industry product development and production. This city will contact during the cultural department will set up a foreign art bridge for the public, the tourism sector will focus on the construction of international well-known plateau Landscape Garden Tourism City ", highlight the" experience "," interaction "and the real display of modern science and technology such as display means, promote Xining cultural tourism to the public. Showing the charm of the city of Xining.

passionate – cultural feast

visual feast: five international performance group

from Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe Summer band Maria modern dance troupe, Guinea fire dance; European Ukraine star band combination of orange, India’s Doru Buddy song and Dance Troupe will have bright Xiangcheng fair, dancing miracle, a wonderful dance, let the people of Xining in the visual sense of a truly international, tall on show.

auditory feast: Star Band

pure original ecological Guinea aboriginal tribes in Africa show, popular in Europe Ukraine Europe Star Band fair city during a series of original bands, will bring new Xining people find everything fresh and new auditory feast.

feeling feast: Cosplay show style

animation show as a new format, in recent years in our city has also been considerable development. In order to better promote the rapid development of the city’s animation industry, the city during the fair, the city also invited the country’s first well-known animation COSPLAY reality show team performance. In addition, the city will meet at the scene, the public will also experience the latest introduction of the 9D theater, so that we feel a new feast.

interactive experience – tourism feast

experience: "I send you to Xining

by making on-site payment of postcards to my city tourism image and folk customs as the theme of the site visitors through fill out and send to relatives and friends, to promote Xining tourism resources, show the image of Xining city.

experience two: national award-winning tourism commodity exhibition

in a physical way, intuitive display since 2013, the city in the national tourism commodity competition;

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