West District of Xining to create a record to promote urban management capabilities

Xining West District to carry out the construction of "national sanitary city", "create a national environmental protection model city" and "national civilized city" as an opportunity, through a series of innovative measures of fine management mechanism to implement effectively promote urban management capacity and level improve.

in 2012, the West District comprehensively promote urban management, innovation city fine management mechanism, and constantly accelerate the pace of reform of urban management mechanisms, the completion of the city of Victoria digital urban management information platform. Adhere to the implementation of the district level leadership daily inspection system, urban management law enforcement day and night patrol system and the wrong time system, and actively organize the "Jian Wei day" theme activities. In accordance with the principle of "one street, a long segment management, enhancing the overall, in the region to implement the" street "," building of "working system, the implementation of the" main street cadres at county level, the functions of the Bureau package street lanes, township (community) package resident building "mode of management, establish and perfect the street inspection, supervision and evaluation system, contact visits, forming a" floor Dean "point," Street long ", the catch line grasping the district level leadership network management model. Strengthen routine supervision and cleaning, will be identified in 2012 as a comprehensive urban environmental remediation year, strict implementation of the joint law enforcement mechanism, increase publicity and education efforts to guide the public to establish a green, low-carbon life philosophy. Carry out the major festivals, around the campus, dog city, illegal traffic order special rectification activities, the impact of the city environment problems have been effectively controlled. The 13 main street and 91 street lanes all the cleaning of integrated management of urban living garbage collection closed rate reach 100%; to create "blue sky, clear water, quiet" west to air pollution remediation and pollution reduction as the focus, to carry out the environmental protection special action, the total emissions of major pollutants are in control plan index. (author: Xiao Liu Tang Zhonghai)

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