South ring highway travel Raiders

This morning, when I found out that the urban road a lot? Yes, today is indeed a day for the people of Xining to celebrate the day – the official opening of the South Ring Expressway, at the same time, the official implementation of preferential policies around the highway Xining.

is not that moment full of the traffic happiness? Of course, if you do not know how to go, then take a look at the south ring highway travel raiders.

where to enter the southern Beltway

first, each driver must change the habit. In the past, you will always be accustomed to the driver of Kunlun Road, called the South ring. But from December 24th, the real South Ring Road refers to the West from the Cao Jiabao has been extended to the south of the city of Ma Hang long highway, you can remember the driver master.

Tonghai Road interchange is another one from the urban area into the South Highway pavement. Tonghai Road Interchange connecting Lake District Tonghai Road, South Road, Kunlun District Jinhaihu Xichuan road section. Living in the lake lake area of the public, remember from here on the South beltway.

traffic in this 100.39 kilometers, is free of tolls. Feel very happy ah. Of course, the light is not happy, security is still the first. South Ring Highway Traffic in the region without any preferential toll station, but high-speed traffic within the region is preferential toll island has not been removed. Therefore, the driver also please steady driving slow.What


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