Qinghai exhibitors with 6 billion 677 million yuan a large single triumph

three days of the Qinghai brand products in Hangzhou will be successfully concluded in May 29th. During the period, a total of 241 brands exhibitors in our province, 18.7% more than last year; a total of 26 exhibitors merchandise categories, 2807 varieties, 27.5% more than last year, contributed to the signing of 128 projects, the total amount of about 6 billion 677 million yuan, and the total amount of contracted projects than last year increased by 93.9% and 0.69% respectively.

three days, the cumulative sales of goods 1300, the total amount of 6 million 500 thousand yuan, especially yogurt, Cereals, dried beef products by Hangzhou residents sought, were sold out; a total of 140 enterprises with 1096 kinds of commodity experience and taste, taste the goods discount amount of 169 thousand yuan. After the seminar, 78 enterprises in our province were signed with 127 companies in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions as well as Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hongkong and Taiwan, including the signing of the project, medicine and health, wool agricultural livestock products, mineral water, wine and other crafts 9 categories.

promotion period, the successful hosting of the Qinghai Merchants Association, Zhejiang enterprises docking study tour business enterprise, Qinghai Lake scenic tourism promotion, Qinghai special delicacy brand promotion, the impression of Qinghai customs performances and a series of special activities, has been widespread concern from all walks of life. Nearly 80 thousand people (Times) visited the opening ceremony of the promotion and exhibition hall, more than 50 provinces and the media have been tracking reports. Through the promotion, successfully to domestic and foreign merchants to promote the brand image of Qinghai, to promote the brand of goods in Qinghai, and promote the exchange and cooperation with foreign enterprises.

in addition, the first 6 sessions, this promotion will cover a wider range of exhibitors, more representative. The products will be displayed in the promotion of the 2807 varieties of cattle and sheep, dairy products, wool textiles, ethnic handicrafts, specialty food, such as the 26 categories, compared with last year, an increase of more than and 500 varieties. The exhibition of products, involving beef and mutton, yak jerky, yogurt, highland barley wine, Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese wolfberry, seabuckthorn beverage and other special foods and plateau Juema native products of 188 exhibitors, exhibitors accounted for 78% of the total, fully embodies the Qinghai product resource advantage and plateau quality, but also cater to the metropolis the group of consumer demand, become Qinghai products go out of support and advantage.


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