Supervision and inspection of the mayor Zhang Xiaorong sanitation work during the holiday season

on the morning of September 27th, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong led the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal government office, responsible comrades, has been to victory road, Bridge Street, 71 Road, train station, Riverside Road and other key sections of the important nodes, on-site supervision and inspection during the Festival City environmental remediation, garbage removal transit, sanitation operations etc. then, visit condolences to front-line sanitation workers.
check condolences, Zhang Xiaorong and sanitation workers had a cordial exchange, ask for details of the time, labor intensity, cleaning area and accommodation situation of sanitation workers, listen to the opinions and suggestions on the work of city appearance and environmental remediation of sanitation workers. Zhang Xiaorong stressed that sanitation work is an important part of urban management, clean and clean Xining inseparable from the hard work of the majority of sanitation workers. In spite of the sanitation workers, work diligently, work hard in the bitter, dirty, tired and dangerous jobs, create a clean and beautiful environment for the city. The city should establish respect for sanitation workers awareness, governments at all levels should continue to increase investment, establish and improve the sanitation workers’ wages, social security mechanism, properly solve the sanitation workers accommodation, travel and other issues, and strive to create good conditions for the sanitation workers working life.
check for the way to find the shops along the street at random dumping, littering, spitting masses and other issues, Zhang Xiaorong stressed that to iron governance, strict penalties, on one hand we should establish and improve various mechanism, increase the uncivilized behavior and the impact of the city environment management, exposure and punishment, to the most stringent control means; on the other hand to increase publicity efforts to guide the masses to be called, environmentalists, dissuade or stop uncivilized behavior, and jointly safeguard the city clean and tidy environment.

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