The ancient ethnic blend cultural relics carry out

In May 17th

, thirty-seventh 5· 18 international museum day, the day before, Xining City Museum "Huangshui relics display the basic renovation project is completed, the ancient ethnic blend of cultural relics, the exhibition officially launched.

according to ICOM determine the theme of the Museum of the city of Xining on the history and culture of Xining, relying on cultural relics focuses on national integration and development, held the "ancient ethnic blend of Huangshui — cultural relics exhibition, visitors through time and space, and historical dialogue.

"- ancient ethnic blend of Huangshui cultural relics from the ancient Qiang culture, Hehuang dawn, Qiang Han Hun, Xianbei, yuan together, into the tiger Taiwan towering, green, Xining was named king Tang of four chapters, an important stage in the ancient Xining area inhabited by national exhibition integration as the background, cultural relics on display 181 in order to outline, production and life style of the Xining historical society activities, and national integration, so that people understand the history of ancient ethnic blend.

Museum in Xining City, the basic display in 2006, free open 7 years, in the promotion of Xining’s history and culture has played a positive role. In recent years, with the Xining city cultural tourism fast development and Museum exhibition of the deepening of the work, the original basic display from both the content and form of exhibition design and other aspects need to improve the safety of cultural relics. In 2012, with the support of the provincial and municipal finance and cultural departments, Xining actively pursued the National Exhibition project. The same year, the central government allocated 1 million yuan of special funds for the exhibition. Work started in March 2013, which lasted more than two months. (author: Yao Lan)

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