Xining and Deyang cooperation in agricultural and livestock products sales talks fruitful

In September 24th, with "green, cooperation, development and win-win" as the theme of the fifth session of the Qinghai Xining Sichuan Deyang agricultural and livestock products production and marketing cooperation jointly organized by the Xining Municipal People’s government and the Deyang Municipal People’s government fair held in Qinghai hotel. Two a total of 47 copies signed purchase and sale agreement, the purchase and sale of fruits and vegetables, rapeseed and other agricultural products 377 thousand tons, sales amounted to 941 million 700 thousand yuan.

it is understood that the Xining – Deyang livestock product sales talks have been in continuous rotation held five sessions, signed an agreement to increase year after year, gradually expand the scale of sales, products increasingly rich, exhibitors and businessmen continue to increase, the market influence rising, has become one of the important platform for exchanges and cooperation between agriculture.

Since the

since 2007, the first Qinghai Xining – Sichuan Deyang agricultural sector cooperation conference held, the two governments continue to deepen cooperation, expand exchanges, has signed the "Deyang – Xining agricultural development cooperation agreement" and "the Deyang municipal government, Xining municipal government agricultural industry development to further broaden the memorandum", in the construction of production base, agricultural technology, agricultural products processing, storage and market development, technological exchanges and cooperation, in order to speed up the two livestock industry development, enrich both the people’s "vegetable basket project" to make a positive contribution. The five fair fruits, livestock products purchase and sale agreement signed a total of 172 copies of the purchase and sale of 1 million 774 thousand tons of various agricultural and livestock products, signed a total of up to 3 billion 276 million yuan of funds. (author: Su Jianping)


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