The provincial capital of 33 pedestrian bridges with the name

in order to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city, convenient traffic, Xining city since the implementation of the smooth traffic project, built a 31 seat footbridge, plus the previous two overpass, Xining city has built 33 bridges. Recently, a lot of careful people found that these bridges have a name.

December 26th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the local area management department learned that the 33 bridges named both new smooth project, such as close to the area of forest landscape and forest landscape bridge, built a long but never named "bridge to nowhere", such as gym bridge. Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, the name of the regional management department director Wang introduced, the name of the flyover, in line with the name of the regulations, the provisions of the flyover took place near the name of the way. For example, in the traffic lane north of the footbridge, built at the beginning is called traffic lane Beikou pedestrian bridge, but the name is too long, because the bridge adjacent to the forest landscape area, hence the name "king Lin qiao". In addition, the road there are many flyovers, and according to this principle, such as naming, bridge etc..

at present, Xining smooth traffic engineering is still in the construction of the flyover 8, after the completion of the construction, the 8 bridges will also have their own name. (author: Liu Peng)

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