Rich and distinctive characteristics of the great beauty of Qinghai the spring festival tourism mar

Qinghai 2014 spring festival tourism festival atmosphere, rich in content, product characteristics, order and orderly. Among them, the rich ethnic customs of the East Sea city and the Qinghai Tibet Railway in the world’s top tourist belt Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, became the festival tourism market, the two hot spots.

from Shenzhen, Li Xuan and his party 6 people arrived in Xining at the beginning of the month of two, the trip they chose the Qinghai Tibet line, after stopping the Golmud tour to Tibet. Li Xuan said: "the Qinghai Tibet line has been strongly attracted to our friends together, the first tour Gobi Golmud, then go to Lhasa to see the Spring Festival, more than another flavor in the seaside city."

it is understood that in order to ensure the Spring Festival holiday tourism market happy colorful, the tourism sector in the province launched the ice art fair, harvest festival, in the ancient city of Dan village row lightshows, Linhaixueyuan happy snow season, rainbow tribe ice snow tourism festival more than 20 festival tourism activities. Xining city rich and colorful theme park tour by many urban and rural residents welcome; ecological folk picking, ornamental, farm delicacy mainly Haidong folk customs tour and leisure travel, rural tourism has become a popular place for Qinghai tour in Qinghai; the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world, Kunlun culture "as the characteristic resources in Haixi of Golmud attract a lot of foreign tourists.

statistics from the province’s holiday office, the Spring Festival Golden week two days ago, Xining tourists more than 30 thousand passengers, tourism revenue of more than two thousand yuan. East city tourists 13 thousand and 600 passengers, tourism revenue of $about 3000000. Haixi state tourists nearly six thousand passengers, tourism revenue of $2 million 711 thousand. Xining, Haidong, Haixi three tourists ranked the forefront of the province. East city and Haixi state star hotel occupancy rate of 53%, more than 40%, leading the province.

Spring Festival this year, will transfer the relatives and friends gathering place from the restaurant table to rural farmhouse new year, eating rice farming, picking fruit, feel the field of rural life, breathing the fresh air, the province is also the spring festival tourism market highlights. Two weeks before the Spring Festival Golden Week, Xunhua green home round tourism revenue of $1 million 543 thousand.


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