The first three quarters of Xining foreign affairs bursting

In the current streets of Xining, everywhere foreigners face has become the norm. This year, I actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, seize the national implementation of "opening to the west" strategic opportunities for development, play an important node of Xining city in the construction of Qinghai Silk Road Economic Belt and the most vibrant city, actively participate in the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" trilateral cooperation mechanism "and" BRIC countries cooperation mechanism of regional cooperation mechanisms and multilateral cooperation platform, with its own foreign affairs and the ability to gather new energy new impetus to economic and social development in Xining.

will invite domestic and foreign green contact in the period (HS) will tour 46, attended the signing, display all kinds of activities. International Forum of summer, a total of 9 countries, 13 city, 103 foreign friends to Nanjing, the four official cooperation docking, marking the city road and the silk along the Xining city cooperation mechanism established. City fair will attract nearly a thousand strong concern of Chinese and foreign businessmen, including Italy, Sicily, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and other foreign businessmen to visit Xining, negotiate contract. Sri Lanka four "The Belt and Road along the country, 7 delegations, 53 businessmen, the four docking activities. Was held in Xining and along the Silk Road city of foreign exchange seminar "," Xining and South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia Investment and trade cooperation seminar ", effectively promote the economic and trade, technology and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Xining and international friendship city. Vice president of social and Cultural Cooperation Association in Sri Lanka, Amar Le · Lugumana; in an interview with reporters, said: "this is my first time to come to Xining, but I fell in love with here in Xining, a pleasant climate, hospitable people, this is a very nice city."

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