Style wind assessment results released

In January 7th, the municipal government jiufengban informed of the city’s 2015 annual clean wind social evaluation results. Tax, tax, city management law enforcement supervision class three; financial, administrative service center, business column comprehensive management of the top three; health and family planning, culture, radio and television education industry management before three, China Construction Bank, rural commercial bank; power listed business services three.

it is understood that in 2015 the municipal Party wind social evaluation departments and industry a total of 55, of which 10 kinds of law enforcement supervision, comprehensive management industry management class 11, class 15, 16 business class service. The main contents of the appraisal for government departments around the clean government, change the function, style and performance of the construction, to perform their duties according to law of Party and government affairs, serving the people, improve people’s livelihood; business service industry around the law integrity management, serving the masses, the style of construction, public affairs, honest business and occupation morals etc.. The evaluation work is carried out by the method of grading, classification and comprehensive evaluation. The city issued a total of 19171 questionnaires, 18870 were recovered, the recovery rate is 98.4%, a total of 49853 people participated in the clean wind social evaluation work, the survey of 18870 people, 30983 people online evaluation. The city’s survey, online evaluation of information by the Municipal Bureau of statistics is responsible for the summary statistics and sorting, to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the evaluation data. In 2015 the authorities and industry style wind social evaluation results to the Party committee, the National People’s Congress, the government and the departments of organization and personnel and the level of government jiufengban, by the superior departments in charge of industry department appraisal report or report. Classification and ranking of the first two consecutive years of the sector and industry. To sort the bottom sector and industry, according to the management authority, the Municipal Department of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the main person in charge of admonishing conversation, and cancel the 2015 appraised qualifications. For two consecutive years to sort the bottom sectors and industries related to leadership accountability will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the clean and honest.


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