Resolutely implement the provincial poverty alleviation work requirements

Wang Xiao chaired an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and the poverty alleviation and development work of the third meeting of the leading group to study and discuss the spirit of the important speech of Luo Huining, research deployment

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Fang) the morning of December 28th, provincial poverty alleviation and development work in television and telephone conference after the end of the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoli rushed to the venue from the main venue, chaired the Municipal Standing Committee meeting and the city of poverty alleviation and development work of the third meeting of the leading group, study and discuss the important speech of secretary Luo Huining and governor Hao Peng in the provincial poverty alleviation and development work television and telephone conference, the deployment of research work.

meeting that, since eighteen years, the central and provincial attaches great importance to poverty alleviation and development work. The provincial poverty alleviation and development work conference in Qinghai poverty alleviation and development process has important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. The new measures of new ideas and new requirements of Huining secretary, governor Hao Peng on poverty alleviation and development work, with strong pertinence and guidance and operational, providing basic guideline for us to win the battle of poverty.

the meeting pointed out, should clearly see my remaining poverty population deeper and poverty reduction cost higher and more difficult task of tackling poverty, more practical issues, and resolutely implement the provincial poverty alleviation work requirements, solid job in the work of poverty alleviation. First, we should win the fight against poverty as a top priority. The city should do a good job of poverty alleviation work as a major political responsibility, firm confidence and determination, and resolutely fulfill the quality and quantity to achieve the objectives and tasks. Two is to focus on the implementation of the eight batch of poverty alleviation project. As soon as possible to study specific proposals. To seize the key links, do a good job of accurate identification, precise helping, accurate poverty alleviation work. To strengthen communication and coordination research. The county government to fulfill the main responsibility and the municipal Party Committee Organization Department sent a unit to send work to look back and take corresponding measures, farming and poverty alleviation departments should timely reflect the problems and strive for the relevant guidance and support, to explore the establishment of poverty identification mechanism and exit mechanism. The three is to improve and perfect the system mechanism of poverty alleviation. Effectively play the poverty alleviation and development work leading group, the county government departments, poverty alleviation, residency work team, village "two committees", sending unit and organization, discipline inspection, supervision and auditing, the United Front, people in other departments, the formation of concerted efforts in the work.

, Zhang Xiaorong, Su Rong, Zhang Qiguang, Song Chenxi, Jin, Ma and Jiuchen established farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau responsible comrades, respectively with learning the spirit of the Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng made important speech, Municipal Committee and other relevant departments directly responsible comrades attended the meeting.


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