Public cultural space on line classroom lecture

By the Ministry of culture and carry out the 2014 national grassroots cultural team — distance training of public cultural space of classroom lecturing recently officially launched. Provincial cultural centers, libraries and other teaching points to receive the organization of Xining City, the East Sea city cultural centers, libraries and other cultural business cadres to participate in the first live video lectures. This marks the beginning of 2014, the province’s grassroots cultural team training. The distance training of grass roots cultural team is a new distance education platform built by the Ministry of culture relying on online video and digital network. Including the Central Cultural Management Institute of relying on the national cadres college culture network, public cultural space class organized by the National Library; relying on Digital Library Extension Project website, organize the implementation of the network book forum; by the National Center for public cultural development in the national cultural information resources sharing project, organization and implementation of the digital learning harbor. Through the distance education and training platform, the construction of public cultural service system, the construction of digital libraries and cultural information resources sharing and construction of electronic reading room and other high-quality training resources directly to the grassroots, grassroots cultural workers to provide online learning services.  

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