State Council eighteenth inspection teams to carry out supervision of green

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of the State Council on the third major inspection of the unified deployment, from September 23rd to 27, by China CIRC chairman Xiang Junbo headed the Ministry of science and Party members, the Secretary General Xu Jianpei, deputy head of the State Council eighteenth line inspection team to carry out inspection of our province.

in the Qing period, inspection teams were led by Xiang Junbo and Xu Jianpei, is divided into two groups to the East Sea peace zone, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Longhua Hui Autonomous County, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Golmud city and Delingha City, visited Xunhua County town of stone product project, Xunhua County Primary School joint pension services the demonstration base project, Jishixia Hydropower Station under beach resettlement, Jishixia Hydropower Station, Qinghai Chaoyang national e-commerce demonstration base, Qinghai Provincial People’s government administrative services and public resources trading center, Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd and metal magnesium potash production integration project of the Yellow River hydropower, Golmud photovoltaic power generation project, Golmud city park area shantytowns the project, Golmud city a kindergarten project, visit our province of major investment projects and livelihood projects Construction, investigation of the province’s administrative examination and approval system reform, employment services and the construction of affordable housing and other aspects of the work.

inspection group has also held a forum with the province part of the National People’s Congress and CPPCC members, entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, representatives of the grassroots and grass-roots government department staff to conduct seminars, listen to them on the "government work report", the implementation of economic operation and the situation of reform and development of opinions and suggestions. Focus on the supervision of the State Council to carry out the third big clear supervision and maintain steady economic development, promote the supply side structural reform, promoting innovation driven development, protect and improve people’s livelihood and other aspects; deepen reform, accelerate the discharge pipe service ", the central budget for investment projects, strengthen the protection of housing construction and management; tracking audit, audit department the State Council and the relevant departments of the special inspection found problems rectification; the completion of the main indicators of Qinghai province; the clue to the problem of the masses and other related work such as the implementation of important.

inspection group said, will earnestly implement the State Council on the inspection work requirements, combined with the actual development of Qinghai, objectively reflect the Qinghai implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision and implementation of policies, to find problems, carefully combing various opinions and suggestions, accurate and objective report, reflect the local authorities of relevant concerns, promote Qinghai provincial economic and social development.


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