Xining City Bureau of education called on educators to learn horse revival

November 21st, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education issued a notice, decided to carry out the education system in the city to learn the activities of the revival of malaysia.

Xining City Bureau of education for the education system quickly organized teachers, seriously study the Xining municipal Party committee "on the decision to learn from Comrade Ma Fuxing" and the news media reports on the advanced deeds of Ma Fuxing, combined with the ideological and practical work of teachers, through lectures, seminars, lectures, seminars and other forms of writing, and guide teachers in practical work, advocating righteousness, dedication. The teachers’ forum, skills competition, assistance and other activities, quickly set off to learn advanced, dedication, for advanced upsurge in teachers, with the advanced deeds of Ma rejuvenation infection and encourage all the teachers, promote the teachers in the new period of hard study, the spirit of advancing with the times and teaching and selfless dedication of the noble sentiments, and excellent quality of dedication and hard work. (author: Li Haodong guards)


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