A blueprint drawn in the end

party secretary Wang Xiao pointed out: "the comprehensive renovation of city environment is to improve people’s living environment, improve the quality of life of people’s livelihood projects, is also an important means to enhance the function of Xining City, the quality of the city and the city’s image, is to let the people of all ethnic groups in the city is an important starting point for more beautiful happiness life sense."

in order to let the masses live in more beautiful clean environment, I painted a blueprint, a comprehensive summary, consolidate and deepen the "news" results, will be carried out effectively in a period of three years, "the beautiful summer · brand building activities" clean Xining.

cleaning can not only become a city beautiful card, but also can become a city brand. In a sense, clean city has more spiritual connotation, is a city of temperament which makes people more respect for the city.

is a comprehensive summary, consolidate and deepen the ten years of the "news" and "12th Five-Year" during the "three city" of LIAN’s successful experience, further emancipate the mind, focus, difficulties, crack formation highlights, and strive to build a clean, clean, safe, orderly environment, and constantly improve the city management and service, let the people in city life more convenient, more comfortable, more beautiful, to ensure that the beautiful summer · clean Xining "brand construction, construction operation orderly, effective, the city developed a" beautiful summer · clean Xining "brand construction overall plan and action plan, specific and detailed measures to determine the activities and activities.

in accordance with the "go hand in hand, steadily" principle, 2016 "beautiful summer · clean Xining key brand launched seven series of actions, i.e. actions to improve the capacity of urban sanitation toilets in the city, the old buildings of the action of environmental remediation actions, the rural environment contiguous remediation action, city Street regulation action, city identity label rectification action and sanitation supervision team action.

[overall target]

three years time to improve the quality of the face

pointed out that the overall plan, from the beginning of 2016, with three years of time, to enhance the primary and secondary roads, city entrance, expressway and state highway along the scenic spots of environmental health, effective governance Beijiexiaoxiang, the old hospital building, farmers market, ditches, river village in the urban fringe and other environmental health problems, and constantly improve the construction facade, municipal facilities, green landscape construction management level, to control all kinds of uncivilized behavior, and constantly improve the quality of civilization, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism, the formation of environmental sanitation clean, civilized and orderly city people living environment.

[main task]

put the stock of garbage Dier overturned

comprehensive investigation to clean up the stock of garbage. Conduct a comprehensive urban environmental Mopai, focusing on the investigation of the back alleys, old buildings, bazaars, construction sites, bank slope,;

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