On the quality of the city’s inspection report

The bureaus of all districts and counties, each notary office: in order to further improve the professional quality of notary staff, promote the quality of notarization legal services, and improve the quality of management and the management of a new stage. My bureau on August 1st -7 transferred part of the notary office director and deputy director of the backbone of the business, with Comrade Zhou Chaojuan as the 10 head of the inspection team, based on the City Notary self correction on the city’s notary Notary 2012 annual quality carry out inspection, inspection now informed as follows:
, a basic to improve the quality of inspection activities in the year 2012 the Council issued notarization, the "notice" on the quality of notarization inspection activities in July 10, 2012, will check the contents of files, check the scope and requirements of the deployment. Check the activities of self correction and inspection team in two stages. In each sampling period from the standard of notary Notary, quality inspection in Qinghai province to seriously study the "organization", notaries (Trial) "," rules of procedure "notary notarized documents filing procedures" and "notary archives management measures", to enhance the understanding of the basis of learning, for their own characteristics, put forward the "strict" and "from fine", by the Contractor by page self-examination, by other personnel within the mutual check of the notarization folder each other do, do self-examination, study and improve. The inspection team use a week to conduct random checks on the city’s 5 notary files, including economic, civil, and on-site supervision, evidence preservation notarization one-time placement, a total sample of 1320 kinds of notarization. The certificate of 1267, accounting for 96%, qualified 53, accounting for 4%, found no fault false. Members of the inspection team to check the notary dossier, roll out the registration, strict quality inspection standards to the notary, earnestly find the problem, the quality of the dossier to the contractor to conduct feedback, verification. From the inspection situation, the vast majority of files permit legal procedures, true, accurate and applicable law and complete documentation, certificate standard, specification writing, the notary office file binding tidy and clean, to meet the requirements, timely filing. But some files notarization statement is not rigorous, individual or individual typo, multi word, missing word; conversation transcripts are too simple and the pertinence is not strong, no copy of individual file with the original check chapter etc.. In view of the existing problems, the inspection team timely feedback problems, and put forward specific improvement measures.
two, the main results
(1) management: 1, the notary office to grasp the quality of notarization has formed a consensus, highly valued from the ideological. The notary offices and the inspection of the organization’s cross examination, can strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements. 2, in the cross examination process, the members participating in the inspection can be serious and responsible, edge inspection, edge edge exchange, research questions, not only to check the problem, not picky, not conceal, sincere attitude, correct, do not evade the problem, and actively explore the objection; examination, subject to a;

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