Attention 3 15 an elderly man to be discussed by spam messages

Qinghai news network "single, aren’t you going to celebrate the" day "for customized ringing tone, I wish you a year for bell for transport……" The SMS advertising has appeared in many people’s mobile phone, also appeared in the 79 year old Mr. Han Ma single mobile phone, he saw the first feeling this message is to feel humiliated, must help him make a statement reporter.

, according to Mr. Ma said that last November he received such a message, received such a message, he has been unable to go, and in spite of old times to a telecommunications company, is located in the West Street business negotiations, customer reception staff have been talking to him, are not to give him a a clear answer. "I often get some mobile phone spam messages, some of the content is not only more absurd, usury, advertising and selling guns, revenge, debt collection, advertising, let a person see fear, I have such a young people, which can withstand these stimuli." Mr Ma said.

reporter interviewed by the province’s telecom operators were informed that, for spam messages, the public can report, after verification by the operator can do shielding. China Mobile users to edit the contents of the received spam messages, the source number plus the number of text messages can be sent to 10086999 for reporting; China Unicom users can be sent to the report of 100109696. But we can not shield the phone number issued by spam messages, can only be blocked spam messages issued by the site." China Unicom 10010 customer service hotline, a staff member said. (author: Zhu Xiaowen)


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