Dedication of love to facilitate candidates dissemination of civilization to build harmony Xini

2012 June 5th at 10 in the morning, with love to care for the future, the action in the theme of the Xining city in 2012 to send love to send a large public welfare activities start ceremony officially launched in. CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister An Jianzhong, provincial civilization office building director Jia Yicong, deputy director of Xining cultural radio and Television Bureau Jia Dong, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau Bai Haiqing and other leaders attended the ceremony.

to care for the future of love, 1043 in action as the theme of large-scale public offering to send test activities, the annual college entrance examination is the most important public service activities. This activity by the Xining traffic radio and Xining City Road Transport Management Office initiated and organized, "Xining traffic radio love team, the six Xining taxi company in 2012, has been held for 8 years, the number of participants scale increases year after year, expanding social influence, the majority of candidates and the praise of the community. This year’s event will have more than 400 taxis to participate, will provide more convenient transportation services for the candidates.

to make the public welfare activities, and achieved good results, Xining traffic radio to love vehicle reservation propaganda work from May 28th, the majority of taxi drivers and private car owners to attend this event, Xining traffic radio according to the needs of the candidates, arrange a car for car car pre candidates, and provide a point of the service for the candidates to help candidates exam smoothly. In addition to the reservation vehicle candidates, the examination candidates and parents during the college entrance examination admission ticket free ride vehicle with love this event mark; in love to send test vehicles to ensure the safety of candidates, timely and accurately to reach the examination room.

annual college entrance examination is a major event of common concern of the whole society, love to send test activities is a symbol of our city civilization, is an important achievement in the process of building a civilized city in the country. Love to send the test from the original 50 drivers to have more than 450 taxi sign up today, but also to some extent reflects the public’s concern for social welfare, is a strong proof of the continuous improvement of the quality of the public.

the day of the launch, a gift card insurance insurance company staff for the Xining traffic radio love team, as part of the driver to solve the menace from the rear love to participate in the activities, a kind of encourage the public love to participate in public welfare activities.

Xining traffic radio was broadcast live on the day of the ceremony, especially in live shows, on bus company during transport security, the city traffic police detachment during traffic environmental protection measures were conducted interviews with the relevant units responsible person, through the waves to the majority of students and parents concerned the work carried out a detailed explanation, to create a good atmosphere for our city, the majority of candidates fukao.


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