Labor and personnel dispute arbitration case handling work was fully affirmed by the national inspec


recently, the national labor and personnel dispute arbitration agency handling quality inspection team came to the city of human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor and personnel dispute arbitration case investigation work in Xining. By listening to reports and field visits and other means, the inspection team and his party on the labor and personnel dispute arbitration case work fully affirmed.

Xining municipal human resources and social security bureau party secretary, comrade Guo Like on the labor dispute arbitration organization construction, labor dispute case, the arbitration case of self-examination and future development direction of labor arbitration work itemized the report. In recent years, the labor and personnel dispute arbitration in our city has developed well, which has created favorable conditions for the further realization of harmonious and stable labor relations.

listen to the report, the inspection team asked the city labor and personnel dispute arbitration case, access to the relevant system, and in recent years the labor and personnel dispute arbitration case for a sample inspection. Inspection team leader Song Shuling pointed out that the development of labor dispute arbitration work in Xining is good, prepare materials in detail, the Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the work; at the same time, labor dispute arbitration system in Xining city is complete, the favorable measures, neat binding, complete content, documents and archives management norms of science, especially in the small staff, still can do more than 95% clearance rate the number of cases under the condition of aging, clearance rate of 100%, is worthy of learning. In the city I must work at the same time, the inspection group to put forward the proposal to our city arbitration work, requirements for trial places and facilities related to the monitoring of the sound, filing again after the audit file.

finally, the provincial human resources and social security department director Xie Guanghua made a summary. He said, cultivating ideas and innovative methods to work in the labor dispute arbitration, arbitration personnel in handling to carefully grasp all aspects of the aging. Staff should further strengthen the sense of responsibility for the arbitration work, increase the handling of cases, improve the quality of handling cases, and further promote the development of harmonious labor relations.



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