Chengdong district to carry out the third National Disabled Day series of activities

8 11 is the third national disabled day "". In order to improve the attention of the society from all walks of life to the disabled groups, create a physically disabled people "equality, participation and sharing" social life favorable atmosphere, unite the disabled people involved, to promote the healthy development of the cause of the disabled, disabled people enrich the amateur cultural life, improve the overall quality of disabled cadres. The morning of August 11th, city CDPF, Chengdong District CDPF in Chengdong district government building organization carried out in order to "hand in hand, as the theme of the Xining City Club disabled return society" ceremony and appliances distribution activities. Canlian king fuyuhira vice chairman of city group, Minister of disabled people Association Wang Hector, Chengdong District CDPF chairman Chang Lijun, Chengdong District Association of disabled Ma Jinxiao, physically disabled and disabled worker, disabled full-time members participated in this event.

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