Multi institutional consolidation of educational activities

Although the party’s mass line educational practice has ended, but the style building is always on the road. Recently, the city introduced, revised a number of systems, through the improvement of the style of long-term mechanism, from the system level to consolidate the results of educational practice. In the meetings, documents, improve the style of study, the region has formulated the "Interim Measures" Chengzhong district government agencies meeting file management, a compression conference papers, hard work, the district level decreased by 35% year-on-year, down 23% on file, down 50%, the Party cadres out of the mountain of the sea. At the same time improve the "district center group learning system", a monthly schedule learning center group members of the collective, the collective learning is not less than 12 times per quarter to arrange a collective learning seminar, each year the center of the group members writing research reports more than 1 articles. As the leading cadres of grassroots, serving the masses to become the norm, the revised "district level leading cadres contact point system" and "the masses of Party members and cadres grassroots service system", clearly defined the district leadership at least annually to the point of contact, coordination and guidance, supervision and inspection of the months of investigation total time not less than 3 months each year. At least to the contact point of the work of more than 2 times, and 2 times more than contact contact. Department leading Party cadres every months of research total time not less than 1 months, Party members and cadres twinning for household household objects, solve practical problems. To enhance the execution of cadres, to promote the implementation of the work, the introduction of the "leading cadres of the party and government performance accountability measures", clearly not in accordance with legal procedures to implement administrative behavior; without justifiable reasons, did not finish the task of sixteen leading cadres accountability matters, and the corresponding criticism education, criticism, transfer the present work, suspended inspection, removal and other ten kinds of accountability. At the same time through the "revised" measures for the implementation of urban district of Xining city government leading bodies and leading cadres performance evaluation, the performance evaluation results as an important basis for leadership adjustment and the selection and appointment of leading cadres, rewards and punishments.  

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