Carry out the spirit of in depth community visits to research the city Bureau of transportation to

for the further implementation of Chuangxian office "on the cadres Service for the people to excel" four "activities of the notice" and "two letters" Qiang Wei, Secretary of the spirit, the mobilization of bureau of all Party members and cadres to further innovative ideas, change the style of work, closely linked to the grassroots, to deepen ties with the masses, cadres Service for the people to excel activities. Recently, Shi Po Street Community Bureau deputy party secretary, Secretary Xu Cunde led office, bureau of trade unions their in-depth City District warehouse gate Street offices under the jurisdiction of the community, and to carry out cadres "face to face, heart to heart" visits.

City District Shi Po Street community is located in the downtown area of Xining, located in the east of Mo street, Garden Street West, East Street to the south, Hongjue temple in the heart door North Street, covers an area of about 0.8 km. Is a pure residential area, densely populated areas, the existing 34 residential buildings, 75 buildings, the total number of households for the 3429, nearly 10 thousand people. Community Party branch 4, 3 non-public enterprise party organization, Party member 139, the government retired 15 party members, retired enterprise laid-off 56 party members, 26 party members, Party members and 9 ex servicemen, mobile party 1, to be allocated for college graduates 17 party members, Party members and residents 15.

in recent years, the community party committees rely on community reality, in-depth and solid to carry out the activities, won wide acclaim of the people of the area. Through the visit, I understand the basic situation of the Bureau of the Party committee of the community, to further clarify the ideas, establish contact system in the future "into four" in the community to actively assist the party, do some tangible things for the masses in the range of capabilities, to further enhance the party masses relations. To do a good job in the new situation of the masses, and promote the building of a harmonious community to make its own contribution.


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