Around the lake ecological tour ecological beauty

Guide in July, after rain washed, the sky is blue and more thorough, Danshan water, surrounded by trees. Standing on National Wetland Park, green everywhere, the landscape view of fundus shade surplus wild, crisscross idyllic scenery and majestic atmosphere, Danfeng splendour.

in Tao Lanying’s memory, before in the wetland birds such as swan is very few, perhaps it was not just a wasteland called wetland.

from Jiang Lalin area to the east from the forest to forest, Dongshan River forest, nearly 1 million 600 thousand acres of woodland area of Guide to build a strong ecological barrier, the plateau "small Jiangnan" reputation cannot do without the protection of the vast woodland.

also set up on Wetland Park Wetland Protection Authority, clear management responsibilities, formulate relevant management measures and system, established a joint meeting of the county wetland protection system, to carry out strict examination and approval system in wetland area development and construction activities, the implementation of dynamic inspection system, focus on strengthening the wetland protection area of illegal exploitation, Sidaluanjian pollution and destruction of wetlands environment behavior supervision and inspection.  

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