Create a health city of Xining industry and commerce regulation of tobacco advertising Chuangwei wel


7 month, Xining City Chuangwei work has entered a crucial stage, in order to achieve the "news", Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the city to carry out clean-up regulation of tobacco advertising.

in the remediation action, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the city’s tobacco store advertising carried out a thorough investigation, released on their own production of business households in city buildings, tobacco shop door, shop windows and doors advertising and the use of the news media advertising register. At the same time, on the basis of "advertising regulations" "Chuangwei work system" and other laws and regulations and the relevant education system of tobacco sales enterprises and tobacco store management personnel, for their support and cooperation, take the initiative to dismantle illegal advertising, clean up the obstacles for the "news" work. Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also took the initiative and Xining City Chuangwei office, Urban Management Bureau and other departments will jointly develop an implementation plan to dismantle illegal tobacco advertising. During the operation, the main problem is to check out the tobacco store to advertise in the shop door and window glass. Check out the problem of tobacco advertising, the business sector will focus on cleaning up in the near future.

since 2005, the city of Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau in accordance with the relevant provisions of the approval of outdoor advertising of tobacco cessation; 2006, within the scope of Xining city have carried out special rectification activities to ban tobacco advertising, demolition of illegal advertising; in 2007, no outdoor tobacco advertising found in the city inspection.


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