Beautiful festival and happiness Xining Bureau of statistics to celebrate the 38 nternational Wom



is celebrated once a year "38" International Women’s day, rich in organ culture life, stimulate women cadres and workers work enthusiasm, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in the bureau support energetically, actively carry out the novel form, rich content of the celebration, the global women cadres and workers involved, spent a meaningful the holiday. In March 6th, my bureau WOC carefully organize the physical aspects of six comrades in strong municipal authorities held to celebrate the 38, show style, feel the development and changes in Xining "as the theme of climbing competitions, athletes through the test of some physical strength and endurance, were made in middle-aged group and youth group of two individual awards, the display of my bureau of women cadres and workers of the women’s style. On the morning of March 8th, I organized all the women cadres and workers to visit the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, which is located in the new lake area. Under the guidance of the instructors, we successively visited the "near Qinghai", "energy and environment", "Mysteries of life", "science and life", "human wisdom" and "enjoy the technology" theme exhibition halls, visit to basic disciplines, environment, life, energy, transportation, security, information, aviation the space and the unique natural environment of Qinghai plateau, and in the social and economic development of key scientific and technological content. During the visit, we were interested to participate in the museum’s operation, the model of multimedia interaction, experience science education and modern science and technology influence, wonderful experience let you linger, arrangements to get the global open up a fresh outlook of women cadres and workers alike. The afternoon of March 8th, the global organization of women cadres and workers of the friendship exchanges and exchange activities in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in the activities set up the knowledge answer contest link, by participating in the knowledge competition of women in women, health care, women’s health, labor protection of female workers have a more in-depth understanding. Good to build a platform to broaden their horizons, enhance exchanges and show their talent, encouraging our bureau women cadres and workers of this activity, promote women cadres and workers with more enthusiasm and create jobs in the working state of success, to build Xining into a city, with people’s living life and the city more prosperous and more beautiful, more livable city center of Tibetan Plateau modernization and make greater contribution.


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