Jing Zhancheng to create the first private aircraft in the northwest of the legitimate airspace priv

"Let each person has entrepreneurial intention to achieve business", this is the first Qinghai innovation contest held in mind, "80" Qinghai guy king Zhancheng, with his drone entrepreneurial way, let these words have the best interpretation.

king Zhancheng because of interest, familiar with this emerging industry UAV; and because of the dream, and he embarked on the road of entrepreneurship for uav. The native of Qinghai youth, by the news as the starting point with the dream, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, in the plateau on the runway, completed the creation of no perfect man-machine high-tech enterprises soar. Now, he founded the "Qinghai printing electronic technology limited company" has become the first to have legal qualifications of the UAV airspace of private enterprises. He dreamed that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to replace the manual operation at high altitude, so as to achieve full application of UAV in various fields in the plateau.

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