Xining cheap vegetables through the door to the public house

on the morning of January 15th, parity vegetables, cattle and sheep meat direct car launch ceremony held in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center. From now on, 15 vehicles loaded with vegetables, beef and mutton direct car, each day will enter the provincial capital of the major communities, so that the public to buy fresh and cheap vegetables, so stable control prices, convenience huimin. At the beginning of this year, Xining City, precise force, by the operation of enterprise mode of transport, transport and sales of vegetables, vegetable oils and increase the parity of meat supply, offering cheap vegetables, beef and mutton direct car, to ensure adequate coverage of each community, people must live vegetables, meat and other non-staple food supply, prevent holiday prices rebound.

announced in the same day the price of vegetables, cucumber 1.85 yuan per kilogram, spinach, $1.5, white radish, $0.5…… The prices of these vegetables are lower than the same period the market price. These vegetable sources for the city of Xining agribusiness company under the agricultural and sideline products company, Xining City Reserve vegetables organization from the specialized transportation of Sichuan and Pengzhou, Deyang vegetables distribution center business district households and field vegetables; beef and mutton is Qinghai budup investment development limited supply, implementation of government pricing. The realization of the direct selling car from the "vegetable garden" to "food basket", reducing the circulation costs, convenient for the public, stabilize prices.

According to the person in charge of the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the establishment of parity vegetables, beef and mutton direct car is to allow more low-income people and the general public to eat fresh, safe parity of vegetables, beef and mutton. The first 15 parity vegetables, beef and mutton direct car will enter the city of Xining District four. In addition, the city of Xining will soon be put into 25 parity vegetables, cattle and sheep meat direct car, so that more people eat fresh, rest assured parity vegetables, beef and mutton. On the eve of the Spring Festival in order to stabilize the price of vegetables, Xining agriculture and commerce company has transported 22460 tons of vegetables, storage storage 3617 tons, more than 1 thousand and 200 tons on the market, the next will also further increase the vegetable transportation and reserve force.  


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