This year the province completed 9 billion 200 million yuan investment in urban shantytowns

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, this year, the province’s urban shantytowns task 80281. At the end of August, has started 62988, the operating rate of 78%, completed an investment of 9 billion 200 million yuan, the implementation of monetary settlement of 7323 households. Implement urban construction of affordable housing the central subsidy funds 3 billion 653 million yuan, shantytowns special construction funds 3 billion 187 million yuan, by CDB ADBC studio to change the loan was 9 billion 906 million yuan of credit, the implementation of 6 billion 974 million yuan loan.

the next step, the province will accelerate the progress of the studio to change the work, and urge all localities to seriously study the difficulties and problems existing in shantytowns project, the development of a practical work program to promote the project started. For the project has not yet started to pull out one by one inverted list of items, the duration of the project, to take parallel processing way, the deadline to complete the project, planning, land use permits, construction permits and other formalities of examination and approval, as far as possible to shorten the project preparatory work has started on time; projects should be strictly in accordance with the established period of construction, the optimization scheme to accelerate progress as much as possible the formation of physical quantity. In the premise to ensure the task is not reduced, does not change the nature of the project, shantytowns project supervise individual areas of implementation before the end of the year is really difficult to adjust, to ensure the implementation of all the construction before the end of November.

at the same time, accelerate the reform and implementation of the loan to shed. Urged all localities to further improve the housing and urban construction departments and the relevant departments to further improve the coordination mechanism of shantytowns loans, as soon as possible to implement the new project loans. All over the country to promote the government to promote the purchase of facilities to change the service. The government finance credit rating to credit requirements of the county (city, District, commission), by the local government authorized local housing and urban construction department (real estate) as the purchase of the main, to choose the best subject and direct docking CDB studio to change the loan application; government credit rating is not up to the credit requirements of the county (city, District, Executive Committee), by the city (state) government determined to buy the studio to change the service to undertake the main body, take the city (state) level of government on behalf of the procurement application studio to change the mode of loan. Urge all in strict accordance with the regulatory system and credit management requirements, do calculation and loan needs of credit funds allocation plan, combined with the progress of the project put forward released on the studio to change the loan funds application, according to the provisions of the ready payment vouchers, do, in the use of loan funds and projects, improving the efficiency of the use of loan funds.


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