The first area of our province transportation of large industrial fund was established yesterday

10 month 21 days, our province transportation sector’s first legally established large industrial investment fund — the establishment of transportation industry in Qinghai Province Development Fund officially inaugurated.

in recent years, the equity investment fund played an important role in promoting the adjustment of industrial structure, to reflect the government development intention, optimize the allocation of resources, for the implementation of supply side reform, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth has important significance. To this end, the provincial government decided to set up a development fund of Qinghai province transportation industry fund, adopt the principle of limited partnership mode of operation, the total size of the program is 30 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan, jointly set up by financial capital and other social capital.

in addition, the provincial government will also authorize the Department of transportation as the investor, the establishment of Qinghai province transportation Fund Development Co. Ltd., to continue to further promote the industrial investment and financing innovation and development, to the economic and social development in our province to play a leading role.


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