Xining introduction of land acquisition and resettlement of landless peasants employment training po

August 12th, reporters from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, in order to help landless farmers resettlement area residents and improve the employment competition ability, realize stable employment, the introduction of Xining city and district residents resettlement of landless peasants employment training policy.

2013 Xining landless farmers training types and standards: at the age of 18 years old to 35 years old, junior high school degree or above with landless farmers, organizations to participate in the annual or annual period dominated by metallurgy, chemical industry and other professional training; other age or low level labor for machine operation processing, repair, light industry and other types of training. According to the actual needs of training costs, half a year to give 1000 yuan per person subsidy, a year to give each person a subsidy of $2000.

according to the contradiction between supply and demand of Xining domestic service industry, the resettlement of residents without employment, focus on the development of domestic service, pension services, community day care services and patient care and other types of training. According to the employment and training policies in Xining City housekeeping service, where men aged 16 years and above 55 years of age, women aged 16 years and above 50 years of age, physical health, will have engaged in domestic service to both urban and rural workers, training institutions qualified to enroll in government subsidized free housekeeping training. (author: Mo Qing)

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