Zhejiang Yikang group Qinghai Seabuckthorn ndustrial Park project settled in Huangyuan County

Recently, the Zhejiang Yi Kang group invested in the construction of Qinghai Yi Kang Industrial Park in Huangyuan Dahua Industrial Park held a grand ceremony

recently, by the Zhejiang Yikang group company investment and construction of the Qinghai Yikang seabuckthorn industry park in Huangyuan County "nofollow" > Industrial Park held a grand ceremony.

the project total investment of 120 million yuan, a total area of more than 60 thousand square meters, is divided into three phases: the construction of a phase of the project completed in water, electricity, heating system, fences and other infrastructure before the end of 2012, the establishment of 2 standard rooms, and strive to achieve the end export; the two phase of the project to build a 100 thousand grade purification, GMP research center , sea buckthorn oil extraction, packaging, display products and a series of production workshop; the three phase of the project construction of commercial buildings (24000 square meters), the administrative office, logistics center and other multi service center.

the completion of the project will effectively promote the deep processing of seabuckthorn resources in Qinghai plateau, and further promote the adjustment of the industrial structure of Huangyuan county.


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