Do you have entrepreneurial potential

the current rapid development of society and economy, people’s personality has been extended into routine work has been difficult to get away from people’s satisfaction, starting to become the first choice for the public road to get rich, but not all people are suitable for business. Here, the small series and we will do a test to see if you are suitable for entrepreneurship.


this kind of person is submissive, cautious, often ignore the self existence. Lack of confidence in their own ideas, often submit to the views of others, such people are susceptible to people, not suitable for entrepreneurship.

character Zhishuang, broad-minded, unspeakable things can be an easy job to do, say casually. The others may be one reason not to stick at trifles, and sometimes harsh words, it will not be hated, suitable for business.


do strict in demands of safety first. But your caution is often due to too much consideration. You can sincerely listen to others’ persuasion, but should not forget their own point of view, it should be said that there are entrepreneurial advantages.

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