Dalian high tech Zone to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the double

era, how to find a steady development of the road of innovation, many city and regions are trying to solve the problem. Dalian high tech Zone from the talent, to stimulate the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship, and thus promote the development of enterprises, regional economy.

1 who was elected to the national people plan, 22 people selected for training plan of provincial and municipal personnel; 1786 patents, 988 patents; newly established enterprises 1089, an increase of 21.68%; the level of independent innovation greatly improved, industrial transformation and upgrading to achieve a breakthrough…… Just past 2015, the Dalian high tech Zone fall again and again. What inspired the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the transformation and development of enterprises? Adhere to the talent oriented, innovative talent cultivation mechanism, enhance the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship is the key.

The implementation of software

the establishment of enterprise leading training mechanism, arouse social forces training talent. The opinions of the introduction of "entrepreneurial demonstrative project", stressed the need to "the government’s impetus, the public record of spatial organization force, social participation and market operation integration", "focus on encouraging enterprises and universities joint orientation training, encourage enterprises and universities cooperation" joint laboratory construction professional. "".

2015, Dalian high tech Zone to build a "government guidance, enterprises, institutions, training institutions and social organizations linkage training" of the "five in one" training system. Area to carry out academic education in Dalian University of Technology and other key institutions, there are hundreds of social training institutions and well-known enterprises training center and the implementation of in-service training, in addition, the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, Dalian high tech Zone of Dalian Software Industry Association, Dalian Project Management Association and other organizations for the enterprises in the area to cultivate a large number of a recommendation

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