How to open a tea shop rental store

investment in milk tea shop is a good way to invest, to open their own tea shop needs to have their own store. So, if you open a milk tea shop, how to rent the store? Xiao Bian for us to do some introduction.

join the milk tea shop, the tea shop location is the key, and the site is involved in the flow of people, rent and other issues. Tea shop to join, and to choose a good store to pay a certain price, so in the position will start to solve about tea store lease work.

tea shop to join, rental stores, the first consideration is cost control, the rent is a huge investment in the early days after the tea shop for business costs also have a certain effect. Therefore, in the rental of tea shop store, we should take some reasonable measures to control the cost of this part of the expenditure:

Comprehensive comparison of

1, and find out more about the market, choose a reasonable tea from the store; in general, tea shop franchise store, the monthly rent should not exceed 20% months of turnover, if can be controlled below 15% is better. Therefore, a suitable rental shop is particularly important tea shop!

2, from a long-term point of view, the general location around the formation of the property market prices are relatively high. Therefore, in the tea shop to join those who are developed, in the development area, basically is suitable for the operation of the economy suitable location. Then based on these considerations, signed a long-term lease contract with the owner, to a franchisee, or beneficial to their long-term development.

The above is about how to introduce some

rental stores, only consumers to choose a good brand of tea, good store, so join the shop, in order to obtain better returns, want to open their own tea shop? Then join the investment bar!

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