Sun Jing quit her job to change the female man selling fruit online

although many people now have a small business online, however, the premise is to have a stable job. Even without an attractive job, but if you can have a job like this, I’m afraid not many people are willing to abandon, but the owner of Gongsun Jing to do this, from the beauty as the incarnation of the female man, open their own business.

core tips do not give me the goods, who do not want to unload!" In mid November last year has been very cold in the morning, fruit wholesale market, a package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty the female man suddenly jumped into the car full of Chu orange, began to push! The same man who robbed Chu orange has stunned, at this moment, they all know: in Zhengzhou, there is a fruit business woman man, very fierce very fierce!

from beauty to female man

finally, female man grabbed the predetermined number of oranges, she proudly made a circle of friends: "open the bitch mode finally grab enough, scheduled for tomorrow all goods oh!"

remove the masks, scarves, coats surrounded her, tall and graceful, is a beauty of hundred-percent. Half a year ago, she was the capital of a well-known newspaper staff, in the circle of friends and relatives, parents with her daughter’s obedient and proud to work.

"girls working in the newspaper, home feel very decent, newspaper work environment, the enterprise culture is very good, also taught me a lot of things, just start to say to resign, not only the parents do not understand, I also have to think twice". Sun Jing said.

once, her dream is to be the best of yourself". With the growth of the dream, she added a goal: "do the best fruit!"

from three or four to 50 single

per day per day

"although very hard every day, but feel substantial, and very glad to find the direction of life at the age of 28, but also time to struggle". Sun Jing described himself as "tired and happy."!"

2013 years of a gathering of students, Sun Jing learned that a no experience of the students selling fruit in the circle of friends, some tempted, father made fruit business, ten years of the monasteries, she quite understand some of the doorways. So, she tried to open a micro shop, in the beginning of the work began to try.


is a sporadic three or four single every day." Sun Jing said, around the leadership, colleagues gave her a lot of help.

"I did not deliberately with other businesses than the price, but to ensure quality. The fruit is divided into many levels, the difference is also a great recommendation

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