Jobs’s success shows that decision making is the most important priority

success is always a way, for entrepreneurship is also the case, in the grasp of the success of entrepreneurial rules, you can easily become the envy of successful entrepreneurs. A story about priorities. In my opinion, decision-making is the most important priority.

1, from vision to decision-making, which is the most important thing entrepreneurs.

2, the decision should be clear, and only.

there are people who get things to the team, and then continued to criticize the team did not find the direction, this is not a decision. The real decision is to clear the entire direction, and then let the team to perform in place; the real decision is to judge the situation in the future, control the direction; the real decision is told the team, we have only one way, do we win.

3, decision-making is not power, decision means that through the vision, the process of control.

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