What materials should the registered company prepare Which departments

, not to say that there is some can, after must be fully prepared, after the approval of relevant departments, it can make you really belong to your company, the first step is to register the registration should be prepared for what material? Which departments should run?

materials need to be prepared to run and the corresponding departments:

A, trade and Industry Bureau

apply in Industrial and Commercial Bureau and submit information including:

1. enterprise (font) name pre-approval application form

2. rental contract

3. articles of association

4. shareholders (promoters) list

5. director of the board of supervisors

6. legal representative registration form

7. designated representative or agent registration form

8. real estate license copy

9. verification report


B, bank

note: the provisions of the company law, the registered company, investors (shareholders) must pay the full amount of capital contribution, in monetary form, can also be invested in real estate, intellectual property, etc.. To the bank to do just this part of the money invested in real estate, if you have such as investment, need to identify their value after the accounting firm to the real value of investment, more trouble, so I suggest you take the money directly to investors, the company law no matter what means to take the money, whether you own, borrowed or, as long as the amount of paid contributions to.

C, accounting firm

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