What are the ways to join the franchise

said that entrepreneurship, the current market has a lot of ways, summed up nothing is the independent business and franchise. And the whole of the franchise market, there are a lot of ways to become our choice. So, what are the ways to join? Here, let Xiaobian bring you systematic understanding.


franchise refers to the leading enterprises to develop their own products, operating system services (including trademark, trade name and enterprise image, business technology, business occasions and regional), to business contract form, to the provisions of the stores distribution rights within the region or business right. So that the owners can join the headquarters of the image, brand, reputation, etc., in the commercial consumer market, to attract consumers to spend.

and joined the owners before the venture, the headquarters will also join its own know-how, technology… The experience of Professor, to join the Lord and assist business, both parties must sign a contract to join, in order to achieve the earnings of career for a common goal and cooperation; the headquarter is due to join different to join the main charge and the right to join gold deposit, gold.

franchise in 6 ways

volunteered to join


franchise and the franchisee have the rights of ownership and management, to join headquarters to pay a joining fee, and enjoy the headquarters of the CIS (Corporate Identity) system design, and shop management experience (Know-how). Join the owner completely independent operation of the store, self financing.

cross industry to join

has been operating in a franchise store, want to borrow from the fixed investment of shops (rent and labor costs) operating more goods, add to the product line and finally realize the purpose of customers and customer price.

commissioned to operate

industry experienced practitioners (manager or headquarters staff) a franchise contract. The contractor and join the total part of the demolition of gross profit, but operating costs (rent, utilities, shop staff wages paid by the contractor).

authorized to operate

would like to join the chain system, there is a certain financial strength, but they do not want to shop. Franchisee and joined the headquarters agreed by the headquarters to join the operation of the store, that is, the franchisee has no right to operate on the shop but ownership, the actual proportion of revenue in accordance with the spin off.

internal join

by the headquarters of the joint venture with the company’s outstanding employees of the joint venture, the operator >

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