What are the characteristics of ice cream Fondue

do you know that there is a new kind of hot pot food program — ice cream hot pot? You are not wrong is the ice cream Hot pot. Maybe you are now wondering why there will be ice cream Hot pot this kind of thing, the two incompatible like water and fire the. If you want to know what’s going on, follow the small series to find out about the ice cream fondue!

ice cream hot pot, in fact, is a package, from a variety of different flavors of ice cream, fruit, chocolate sauce, snacks and a small pot of alcohol and other components. Ice cream and ice cream to join Hot pot? The collocation Hot pot that many people are fantastic, how can they collocation, it is possible to make ice cream? Hot pot to join an ice cream Hot pot stores what? The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a Hot pot to join what ice cream.

What are the characteristics of

ice cream hot pot franchise

ice cream hot pot

1, ice cream hot pot to join the children’s clothing with attractive.

latitude 65 degrees north of the Arctic Circle, called the place. There have long Snow gleams white. Xuefeng, a flying snow crystal, there stands a pointy roof of the castle, have to sit around the stove to warm and leisurely, there is a beautiful coat the reindeer, with a white beard wearing a red hat also carrying Santa, with northern lights, and crystal shoes……

2, ice cream fondue can make money?

is a set of delicate tray, fourteen gold colored ice cream ball and yellow peach, strawberry, kiwi and other fruits good to hear or see people’s appetite, tick. Ice cream Hot pot to join, the center of the tray, heart-shaped candle flame licked the bottom of the pot, a pot of chocolate sauce spit hot, ice cream Hot pot stores, with a fine silver fork, an ice cream ball in chocolate sauce dip, sent to the entrance, and warm, and cold, addict blend beauty to enjoy on the tongue sigh, Haagen Dazs whimsy, thousands of delicious.

eat ice cream hot pot, the service will be placed in front of everyone, a set of cutlery, knives, forks, as well as a long handle spoon, are stainless steel, very delicate. Ice cream Hot pot join, and then end with a small pot of alcohol, Hot pot bottom material is brown and creamy chocolate sauce; then the waitress served three small cap: a dish of ice cream is color, chocolate, cream and strawberry; one is Fresh Fruit Platter, banana, kiwi slices apple, strawberry slices, etc.; there is also a small dessert assorted cold dishes filled with a variety of snacks. Ice cream hot pot, in addition, everyone has a glass of fruit juice drinks.

3, ice cream Fondue

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