Shaanxi Free Trade Zone international port area is about to open

Shaanxi in order to further economic development, and constantly promote the economic construction of the city, in the market on the Shaanxi Free Trade Zone international port area is about to open! At present, Shaanxi International Port District of Xi’an free trade zone area implementation plan, area of international trade single window construction scheme, system innovation as the core area ledger list program has been completed, the relevant staff already in place." Yesterday, the reporter was informed that, with the steady progress of the preparatory work, free trade zone will be formally launched after the FTA business.

Xi’an international port district is the first international inland port inland port, firmly relying on core resources, China (Shaanxi) from the area of Xi’an international port district trade zone continue to accelerate the improvement of international trade platform, international logistics channel construction and business innovation. Currently located in the International Port District of imported food, imported meat designated ports designated ports have been checked and accepted by national quality inspection bureau.


two inlet ports designated by the completed and put into operation, will greatly enhance the convenience of international trade, open innovation do really called out the slogan Shaanxi FTA trade facilitation, and enrich the people of Xi’an and the western region table, improve the quality of people’s lives and change so that the people truly feel free to bring to life. With the grain port through the acceptance of the first single grain port imports has been under preparation, and will be officially listed on the FTA before back to Xi’an, let Chinese (Shaanxi) international trade "good implementation of the FTA test area".

after the early efforts, the current area of Xi’an international port district has identified a "joint business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, registration certificate, social security statistics registration certificate, registration certificate, international freight forwarder enterprise investment project registration certificate" 7 certificates, the remaining union office documents are actively docking, is expected to the successful implementation of the "Fourteen cards jo in the former formally, and strive to achieve the" Twenty-one card liaison office". In addition, the Xi’an international port area also plans to all 31 administrative examination and approval of the administrative committee within the centralized management of the government hall, a clear list of powers and responsibilities list, trial, a seal approval".

to build a system of international logistics channel, the international port district and Finland has the largest logistics supply chain enterprise korvola Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will build up two railway corridor construction, transshipment hub agreed with Poland; Rusher Vecchi Ma, Changan, rapid replacement, overseas distribution base construction to determine the intention of cooperation matters.

conform to the needs of the development of modern market, Shaanxi Free Trade Zone international port area is about to open, will provide a great impetus for the future economic development of the city. The establishment of overseas positions in Germany, Frankfurt, Germany Pythium International Airport, for cross-border electricity supplier overseas rapid assembly distribution laid the foundation. The construction of the trading platform and logistics channel, Shaanxi FTA will recommend.

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