New directions for restaurant expansion

do you know what’s brunch? What do you think of the brunch? I know some people think of first is the Sheraton, Shangri-La, Kempinski five star hotel, each from 200 to 900 yuan luxury feast.

this kind of imported food products category is very interesting. Brunch Breakfast is a brunch (breakfast) and Lunch (lunch) the words, that is from the United Kingdom, noble hunt in the morning, hearty meals for lunch near the servants of the. Another is that from the United States, nightlife is the modern city people are normal, Friday, Saturday night, people play all night, the morning of the second day can not open eyes, the first meal until almost noon to start, will gradually have brunch culture.

This is a product of

in any case, the Western way of life, now has become a large selection of domestic white-collar and petty family weekend after a busy week: don’t get up early, breakfast and lunch will be made one, friends and chat while eating, relax and enjoy life.

initially supplied brunch, generally known as the international five star hotel, but in recent years, there have been many Western restaurants, specialty restaurants began to launch brunch service. Brunch is becoming lunch, dinner, the restaurant can provide a new period of day meal type, the development of space is very imaginative.

five star hotel brunch: introduction and standard setters

in China, Western brunch for a long time only in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities five star hotel to enjoy, belongs to high-grade Western-style food business, it is time-consuming, but the weapon is to attract Hotel guests. It is understood that in Beijing Yansha Kempinski Hotel, has launched Sunday brunch every Sunday for more than 17 years, the hotel has formed a regular scene All seats are occupied..

with white-collar consumer strength and will enhance the brunch in Beijing has become a fashion and high-end business weekly new place, in Beijing Financial Street District, every Saturday, InterContinental Hotel, Westin brunch is crowded, even need to book in advance. Five star hotel offers brunch, can be said to set a standard for brunch. Due to the high-end positioning of the five star hotel, the chef will almost all of the essence of human food piled to the table, and strive to let the guests enjoy the enjoyment of luxury.

at this time for the hotel, the profit is no longer the first task, brunch has become a platform to show the strength of the hotel restaurant, because food and wine are very costly, artificial and many other than ordinary restaurant costs are high, even if the per capita reached 300 yuan to 900 yuan high price, it is not able to make money. Even more guests, the hotel pay more. < >

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