nternet marketing is the key to seize the big content of the world cup

in South America on the samba earth, once every four years the world cup will undoubtedly lead to a global concern. In this long fan festivals, all Internet Co are mustering the effort, a tactic to attract the eye, grab the user. Therefore, in the context of the content of the marketing trend, how to show a better content, to provide more timely and effective information and a wide range of insights, these need to carefully consider the decision-making. But either way, the most important, is around their strongest point through the aggregation of resources to make a fuss, attract a wider range of users to participate in the activities, thereby increasing its viscosity and retention. So, when the world cup has come, how are you playing?

core support, mobile video pull?

from news reports, the Sohu has always been praised for homemade content. Looks like this is no exception.

"World Cup interview ended by FIFA directly to the Football Association of various countries and regions, only to a handful of international news agency Xinhua News Agency issued directly places the interview with 49 places, occupy more than half of the total number of domestic media."

Sohu but also have their own problems. In recent years, Sohu has become one of the most important video Sohu’s aspirations. Compared with several other Godfather attribute competitors in the world cup as a diversion entrance is not obvious, the core part of homogenization, how to better guide? How to achieve the ultimate effect of the world cup marketing?

early during the world cup in 2010, from the international online survey service provider Lightspeed data show that 82.7% of the respondents understand the world cup through the network, more than traditional media such as television. With the popularity of smart phones and mobile Internet, mobile terminal screen this year will become an important way to get information about the world cup 2014. The relative cost of watching mobile video has been one of the biggest obstacles to its popularity. Therefore, Sohu and China Telecom launched during the World Cup Watch free flow of cooperation. After crossing the tariff barrier, it may bring a huge impact on the mobile applications Sohu video.

quality content with external diversion, logic is a good business. But the content and form of whether the fit of the mobile terminal, the promotion of the operation is effective, effective cooperation between the flow of win-win situation, all to be re examined after the world cup.


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