A successful noodle shop to pay attention to what

pasta has been China’s catering market is a very important, because of this, if you want to venture capital, natural open noodle shop is also a good choice. However, easy to open a shop, but the success of the shop is facing more difficulties, we need to be more careful. Then, a successful noodle shop to pay attention to what?

1, do you find the best office near the shop floor or the school, will be the main target consumer positioning in your office workers or students, their lunch consumption should be the biggest source of income.

2, open noodle taste is the key, please a good teacher is more important than what, but also some out of the noodle, the taste is very general but surprisingly good business, the reason is because of fame, there is no competition two.

In fact,

3, 80 – 90 of the noodle shop area I think big point, a 30-40 square is very good, one can reduce the rent pressure, and the small shop looks more lively not empty, don’t forget to go off the Wang family.

previous experience in food and beverage has not? If you didn’t touch, just beginning to try to compress the total amount of investment, as a kind of noodle business, experience is the most important, is completely in a series of detail in profit deduction.

take Chengdu, a noodle shop business, if you do 50% Maori proficient basic can achieve. The problem is that Chengdu small restaurant is very developed, as above, the friend said, more than and 10 square meters of an old shop, out of 70 thousand, this means that you want to shop, take 70 thousand out of nowhere, then you say the actual investment for this shop, this pressure is very large. Only to be proficient long-term business bear.

so, how do you see the problem points considered, a big investment, about 200 thousand, choose a previously not used to do catering shop, so the risk is relatively large. The other is the first attempt to do, do not start from the downtown area of the city, outside the 2 ring area, near the city’s new campus should be a good choice. Really want to run the city, can not consider the pavement, to find a suitable place to do the kitchen, run their own lunch delivery list.

catering to business, you must have a deep understanding of food processing, rely on the master must do well, it is to know how to make delicious food at the lowest cost, so much in the street above hall, are the third kind, beef noodles, Soup Noodles with Spare Ribs, jjajangmyun in Chengdu… Real good noodle how many have its own characteristics.

For example, in the vicinity of 7

moziqiao, Xu eight next door is the "smell", do not know the taste and smell what niuwangmiao surface, but the people of Chengdu are known.

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