Huiquan beer how to join venture capital brand

in today’s society, modern people often need to socialize, choose to invest in the beer market prospect is very broad, Huiquan beer now as the beer industry well-known brands, the popularity is very high, the investment Huiquan beer, beer can lead the fashion.

in the world beer industry, beer is a popular health drink beer, especially the per capita consumption of large European countries. In 2011, Yanjing springs company launched such products in Fujian Province, to give consumers a "fresh sense".

has a 70 year long history of wine in the Huiquan Yanjing Beer Limited by Share Ltd, is one of the top ten beer enterprises Chinese, also China beer industry sixth, Fujian Province, the only one listed company of beer. The company now has four production bases in Huian, Fuding, Fujian, South Korea, and Jiangxi, the total production capacity of the annual production capacity of 800 thousand tons. All along, Huiquan beer brewing technology and traditional technology will be updated to achieve the perfect integration of high-tech, Huiquan beer join? This ensures that its line of products with excellent quality in front of consumers. To spend 600 million yuan in the north of the factory, all the key equipment imported, synchronized planning and installation of first-class provincial beer technology center, is by far the country’s leading quality beer production base.

in addition, the company actively take the combination Road, guided by the market, has cooperated with Tianjin University of Science and Technology and Jiangnan University, Institute of biological engineering Chinese food fermentation research institute and other research institutions, improve the ability of technological innovation. The "no added formaldehyde in beer brewing technology research", won the third-prize 2004 annual scientific and technological progress in Fujian province and Quanzhou city science and Technology Progress Award; "aseptic processing technology of beer production process", won the two prize third-prize scientific and technological progress in Fujian province and Quanzhou city science and technology progress; the "Anti Japanese Light draft beer" won the two prize, outstanding new products in Fujian province Fujian province and innovation prize two. The more popular   to health; strong scientific research strength, pay attention to the health of consumers, hot pursuit of the world of fashion, this is the enterprise background Huiquan beer.

this year, Huiquan beer accurately feel the pulse of the market demand, launched the first "low sugar" green health drink beer Huiquan beer in Fujian Province, just perfect to conform to the trendy pursuit of modern people on healthy drinking. All along, Huiquan beer will provide consumers with healthy, green, safe products placed in the first place, while the whole production chain, the innovative footprints of Huiquan beer everywhere. Because Huiquan people know, in the face of many challenges, we must be bold innovation, the production of new wine for consumer demand, in order to win greater development.

at present, Huiquan beer has won the favor of numerous consumers, as a healthy representative of fashion beer, Huiquan beer joined the headquarters has always insisted on creating fresh and healthy delicious beer, if created

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