5 mistakes in college students’ pioneering work

in spite of the current good entrepreneurial environment, there are already more and more college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurs want to succeed, we need to avoid mistakes, choose the right way. Therefore, we only recognize the mistakes on the road, can make their own entrepreneurial success rate is higher. So, what are the 5 mistakes on the way to college students?

in recent years, with the increasing number of college graduates, the state’s efforts to increase the intensity of entrepreneurship, more and more college students choose to start their own business after graduation. However, entrepreneurship is easy, it is difficult to. A lot of people have been killed for their own cause. We encourage college students to start their own businesses, hoping that this will bring more jobs, however, it is easy to make mistakes in college students entrepreneurship. Here, the small talk about the 5 common errors in college students entrepreneurship, hoping to help some of them.

first, anxious, anxious Graduate Entrepreneurship immediately.

under the current social Chinese enormous pressure to survive, many young people are eager to succeed immediately, and make money. The number of college graduates too much, leading to find a job that can achieve the aspirations of the moment, want to graduate immediately after the success of entrepreneurship, to achieve this is understandable.

, however, the biggest problem of Chinese university education is to pay more attention to the professional development, to ignore the students’ cognition of the real society, to neglect the cultivation of the team cooperation spirit and executive ability. They do not have professional training, lack of experience, not much money, not a wide range of contacts, and ultimately very easy to cause failure.

second, conceit, not in-depth understanding of the market at a reckless.

now college graduates are basically 90, and this generation is recognized as the trend of thought, not to discipline generation. 90 young people have their own ideas, love does not play by the rules, it is exclusive to entrepreneurship. They are not allowed to grasp the market information, did not fully understand the needs of customers in the road to go a lot of detours.

in fact, many teachers do poineering work in the guidance of entrepreneurs, the emphasis is to do more market research. Because no matter what you do, the purpose is to meet the needs of customers, and the most cost-effective way to know this demand is "Market Research", this point should be attached importance to college students entrepreneurs.

third, entrepreneurship equals money.

to see the success of Ma know that the value of the success of the business is to be able to bring substantial changes in production and life. Ma Yun is only part of his success

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