One thousand yuan can do poineering work Thousands of venture capital projects

many people want to start their business, bitter resistance funds too little, want to own a wealth of the temple is really not easy, in fact, even if you have one thousand yuan, you can also create your wealth, here are some good options for your reference.

one thousand USB

pencil knife how business?

solar flashlight how business?

the product is traditional flashlight alternatives, the products are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, the average monthly sales of up to 20 thousand. 1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects, products listed in the domestic market in less than three months, in Shandong, Dalian and other cities have just sales. Although the price is slightly higher than the ordinary flashlight, but from the use of cost, can save the cost of batteries. Especially suitable for camping, hiking and other activities.

electronic sounding chart how entrepreneurship?

currently on the market the chart is mostly silent. The parents in the process of teaching Pinyin, English, easy to be affected by the regional dialect, the level of teachers in the school is also uneven, easy to let the child to varying degrees by teaching misleading. 1000 yuan venture, this product uses the standard pronunciation to solve this problem, and entertaining, more conducive to children.

one thousand how to automatic high pressure sprayer


the product is the original handle carried sprayer product upgrading products, prices, work efficiency is greatly improved. The current can be widely used in plain, hilly and mountainous areas of grain, cotton, oil, tea trees, orchard, water, vegetables and other Dryland Crop Pests Prevention and control, is also suitable for family courtyard disinfection, pest control, storage of health and epidemic prevention, the market prospect is very broad.

in the market at present the energy-saving air conditioner can be used in open and semi open environment is not much. This product can not only be used in such an environment, and cooling effect is very good. At the same time, this product takes into account ventilation, cooling and crowded places. This product has been sold well in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Xinjiang and so on. Users reflect, cooling cooling speed, the effect is significant. Has a broad market space. LED electronic fashion accessories


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