Zero cost entrepreneurship two good ways for you to choose

does not have any venture capital but also want to join the entrepreneurial market, it is necessary to find a viable way of entrepreneurship, the following two zero capital venture is worth learning a good way, we may wish to refer to.


1, choose a good product project:

preferably some software, network virtual products, because these products do not need the kind, easy to operate. General new products manufacturers have a strong demand for the development of new markets, as companies and products are not very well-known, marketing difficult, so the conditions for the distribution of agents will not be too high, this is the opportunity. If it is a well-known brand products, you do not have the strength to do not want to think, you will have to do it?

2, the first business representatives:

select product after you can contact the manufacturers require local business representatives, this is a must experience the key steps for 2-3 months. The reason is: new product manufacturers have a strong desire to develop new markets, but not to say that it would not consider the risks before the goods to you, especially the limited funds and expenses can’t do fieldwork and without the guarantee of credibility of both sides.

General offered not to pay as long as doing business on behalf of the business commission (or part-time), should be able to completely dispel the concerns of the manufacturers. The next is much simpler, requires manufacturers to provide a power of attorney signed a written agreement prescribes the rights and obligations of both parties, royalty payment time and method, the liability for breach of contract, product related information, then you recommend

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