The snow shop can provide door to door service

shop business people should have experience, once the snow, the store will be a lot of business deserted. If the owner wants to let the store to attract more business, naturally need to take the initiative to provide some attractive service. In fact, doing business if encountered snow shop, provide door-to-door service, will let the store business development.

a few days ago, the snow, the road traffic significantly reduced, the store’s business is relatively deserted.

turn on the shopping record of the consumer spending habits, a few old customers in the community may come shopping. Think of the old cripple snow travel difficult, I said to his wife: "you take care of the shop, my home delivery."

"big brother, give you a cigarette." "Oh, it’s so slippery on the road!" Lao Li repeatedly thanked for me. "Zhang sister, a couple of pounds of frozen Boiled dumplings." Carrying Boiled dumplings to climb the six floor, I was completely breathless. "How do you know my Boiled dumplings to eat today?" Sister Zhang pleasantly surprised to ask. "There’s a record on the shopping list!" I laughed.

"this big snow I can’t go out, because today does not eat Boiled dumplings, you really want people." Said, Zhang sister gave me a cup of tea. "Thank you, I’ll have a drink. A little while to the building nine to send a pair of small cotton gloves, children go to school on the road cold ah!" I smiled and said to sister zhang.

, of course, want on a snowy day will the service is good, also usually need to do the preparatory work, it will play a role in the snow when. And usually, I will provide telephone order, door-to-door delivery of this service. Snow days, really cold, but warm heart.

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